Top 10 Best Mileage Scooter (Scooty) Under Rs. 60,000 in India

2018 Top 10 Best Mileage Scooter (Scooty) Under Rs. 60,000 in India

While buying a scooter the first thing asked is the mileage of it and this list solves the problem to go and ask every dealership the same question. This is a list of top 10 best mileage scooters under the price range of Rs. 60,000 in India. All the prices are from Ex-showroom Delhi and all the bikes follow latest emission norms.

10. Mahindra Gusto 63.7 kmpl - (Rs. 52,010)

The Gusto to be a quality product by Mahindra which gives 63.7 kmpl mileage and costs Rs. 52,010. It is powered by M-TEC engine. It has height adjustable seat, large 12-inch wheels, telescopic suspension for better ride quality and many other innovative car-like features as remote flip-key, find me lamps and much more. The Gusto houses 109.6 cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine which gives out 8 bhp of power and 9 Nm torque and CVT transmission.

Mahindra Gusto 125 White HD Image

9. Hero Duet 63.8 kmpl - (Rs. 49,780)

The all-new Duet by Hero gives an advance performance and exciting new features. The high mileage of 63.8 kmpl depicts one part of it. The Duet symbolizes a progressive thinking by Hero and its zest to always move further. Duet has a metal body with stunning new graphics, mobile charging port and boot light, service reminder digital analog meter and dual tone mirror. It has an air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder 110.9 cc engine which gives out 8 bhp of power 8.7 Nm of torque.

Hero MotoCorp Duet Expert Review

8. Suzuki Access 125 64 kmpl - (Rs. 59,316)

The all-new Suzuki Access 125 is unbeatable with its pickup and now with the mileage of 64 kmpl, it is one of the best scooters available on the market. Access 125 rules both the worlds of power and mileage. The well-designed aesthetics emphasize the scooter and the SEP engine, new frame, optional disc brake and various other upgrades improve its fuel efficiency, stability and ride quality making better, the best.

New Suzuki Access 125 2016 Side View

7. TVS Scooty Pep Plus 65 kmpl - (Rs. 39,950)

The TVS Scooty Pep Plus is a well-known scooter. Now with mileage of 65 kmpl, the Scooty Pep Plus has added features like all new Eco Thrust engine, great comfort and mobile charger socket. It is a low maintenance scooter and is available in five different colors to choose from. It houses a 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled 87.8 cc engine.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

6. Hero Maestro Edge 65.8 kmpl - (Rs. 51,780)


The Maestro Edge by Hero stands sixth with 65.8 kmpl mileage in the list of best mileage bikes scooters at price range of Rs. 51,780. The all-new Maestro Edge has a lot of features like Always Headlamp On (AHO), bold new graphics, external fuel filling, integrated braking, boot light and mobile charger port, engine immobilizer, Anti-theft system and houses 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, 110.9 cc engine which gives power of 8 bhp and 8.7 Nm torque.  

Hero MotoCorp Maestro Edge Front View HD Image

5. Yamaha Ray ZR 66 kmpl - (Rs. 55,530)

One more scooter from the Yamaha family shares its engine and ranks high on the list of top 10 best mileage scooters. The design of Ray ZR depicts quite the real boy scooter. The concept of balancing the deeply sculpted and powerful front with effortless details in its character makes the bike unique and glamorous. The Ray ZR in the bike for youngsters, it has disc brakes, alloy wheels, large under seat storage and front pockets to keep extra drinking bottles and other stuff. 

Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR

4. Yamaha Fascino 66 kmpl - (Rs. 54,330)

The Yamaha Fascino shares its engine with Yamaha Alpha and Yamaha Ray Z to compete with Honda and other brands giving them hard time. The design of Fascino his elegant and eye-catching, the chrome plated front grill and rearview mirrors add modern character to the bike. The 3D logo catches attention as well. It weighs 103 kg, lightest of all Yamaha scooters.

Yamaha Fascino White Picture

3. Yamaha Alpha 66 kmpl - (Rs. 54,586)

The Yamaha Alpha stands third on the list with 66 kmpl mileage at Rs. 54,586. The Yamaha's blue core technology helps to make it an Alpha in delivering such mileage and performance. It shares its engine specifications with Yamaha Ray Z and has a storage capacity of 20 litres. It has smooth startup acceleration and pickup. It is a stylish trendy scooter for every age and every gender in the family.

Yamaha Alpha

2. Yamaha Ray Z 66 kmpl (Rs. 50,336)

The Yamaha Ray Z is a bike for everyone. This motorcycle has new instrument panel with a carbon fiber patterned background and carbon fiber patterned seat cover material and dynamic colors give it aggressive character. The new Ray Z houses air-cooled, 4-stroke, 113 cc engine with CVT which delivers smooth pick up, acceleration and increased efficiency because of Yamaha's blue Core concept.

Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR

1. Honda Activa I 66 kmpl - (Rs. 46,986)

The Honda with its Activa I stand first on the list of top 10 best mileage scooters in India under Rs. 60,000 with a jaw-dropping mileage of 66 kmpl at a reasonable price of Rs. 46,986. The Honda Activa-I is powered by a 110cc engine with Honda Eco technology to ride on the road with an unbeaten mileage. This trendy, lightweight scooter is equipped with button start and is available in standard and deluxe variants, with attractive graphics Combi-brake system, long seat, tubeless tires and beautiful instrument panel.

Honda Activa i